Kyo was born in 1971 in Tokyo.
He entered Ventuno Corporation in 1998 and has worked for selection of music and sound effect in various dramas and films. After working at Ventuno Corp., he joined the establishment of Current Co., Ltd. and started to work as a composer. Utilizing his experience, he has been providing his music which is syncing with the pictures to many film works.

Work History


“gift” (2014)
“Final Movie: Tokumei Kakarichō Tadano Hitoshi (Mission Section Chief Hitoshi Tadano)” (2008)
“Ai no rukeichi (Penal Colony of Love)” (2007)
“Kisarazu Cat’s Eye Japan series” (2003)

TV Series

Yomiuri TV "The Lunchtime Detective" (2020)
Yomiuri TV “Jinsei ga tanoshikunaru shiawase no housuku” (Happiness Rule to make your life exciting) (2019)
Fuji TV “68 year old new employee” (2018)
TV Asahi “Happy Retirement” (2015)
TV Asahi “Doubles –Two Detectives-“ (2013)
Fuji TV “Hayami san to yobareru hi (When I became to be called Hayami san)” (2012)
TBS “Unubore keiji (Conceit Detective)” (2010)
TV Asahi “Keikan no Chi (The blood of a Police officer)” (2009)
TV Asahi “Heaven and Hell” (2007)
TBS “Tokkyu Tanaka the 3rd (Express Tanaka the 3rd“ (2007)
Fuji TV “Kekkon dekinai otoko (A guy who can’t get married)” (2006)
Nihon TV “anego” (2005)
TBS “Tiger & Dragon” (2005)
Fuji TV “Oni Yome Nikki (The Cruel Wife Diary)” (2005)
TV Asahi “Tokumei-Kakaricho Tadano Hitoshi (Mission Section Chief Hitoshi Tadano)” (2003)
TBS “Kisarazu Cat’s Eye” series (2002)


〈Pops〉 “Namonai hana (An unknown flower)” by Ayahi Takagaki (Composition)
“White X’mas” by Miss Monochrome (Composition/ Arrangement)
“Taiyo wo shinjite… (Believing in the Sun…)” by bed in (Arrangement)
“Summer Dream” by bed in (Arrangement)